Dustin Poirier Believes Justin Gaethje Beats Khabib And Tony Ferguson

UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier claims that his former opponent Justin Gaethje, would defeat both Tony Ferguson and the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov.

During the chaos that has occurred this week, in which Khabib all but ruled himself out of his fight with Ferguson at UFC 249, due to travel complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it was reported that Gaethje was offered as a potential opponent for ‘El Cucuy’.

Speaking to ESPN‘s Ariel Helwani (as transcribed by BJPenn.com), Poirier said that he believe Gaethje beats Khabib, and Khabib beats Ferguson.

“I think Gaethje does,” Dustin stated. “I’ve said it from the beginning. I just think the wrestling pedigree. Dude, look, I’m not trying to be a dick or talk bad about any of these guys. But, I thought Tony lost, this was a while back, but I thought Danny Castillo beat Tony. I thought Danny won that fight, I thought he outwrestled him. If Kevin Lee and Danny Castillo can put you on your back at will, dude Khabib is going to do that whenever he wants, I promise you. I know this.

“And, the people saying Tony can damage Khabib. To get a stoppage from your back with elbows, it could happen, but it’s going to be so tough. The cuts going to have to be perfect. The submission of your back against Khabib from guard or something, I just don’t see that happening. Maybe in the scramble, you can catch him with something funky. But, if he is taking you down and in your guard or on top of you, submitting him from your back, I just don’t see it happening.”

UFC Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov Dana White

The former Interim lightweight champion believes that Gaethje, a NCAA Division I wrestler, has the skills and experience to nullify Khabib’s weapons inside the Octagon and utilise his own specialties against the Dagestanian.

“He can stop the wrestling. He can use his wrestling to stop Khabib’s wrestling, get him tired and throw those crazy shots and land something, That is what I think could happen.”

Poirier expresses that he also likes Gaethje’s chances if he were to fight Ferguson as a late-notice replacement at UFC 249, or possibly later down the line.

“I like Justin in both fights. I do. Listen, if guys are hurting you and dropping you, if Gaethje gets ahold of you he’s going to stop you I think. That is my MMA opinion.”

Poirier is coming off his loss to Khabib at UFC 242. He was expected to face Dan Hooker at UFC San Diego on May 16th but due to the coronavirus, this event has been postponed.

Do you agree with Dustin Poirier? Do you like Justin Gaethje’s chances against Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson?

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