‘The Korean Zombie’ Isn’t Happy With The Gracies, Ortega Apologises

While Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk made all the headlines this past weekend at UFC 248 for all the right reasons, Brian Ortega made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. During the post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White confirmed that ‘T-City’ had an altercation with ‘The Korean Zombie’ (Chan Sung Jung) in the fighters’ section. It turned out however, that the altercation was with Jay Park, the Korean rapper and close friend of ‘The Zombie’.

A video released by TMZ Sports showed Ortega telling Park after the incident that ‘I told you I’d slap you like a bitch’.

The incident stems from ‘The Zombie’s’ appearance on The Ariel Helwani Show’ last month, where with Park translating, he accused Ortega of ducking him. This was after the two were supposed to fight in the main event of UFC Busan last December but Ortega was forced to withdraw, due to an ACL injury just weeks out from the fight.

According to ‘The Korean Zombie’, Ortega waited for him to go to the bathroom and then confronted Park and slapped him across the face.

The next day, ‘The Zombie’ took to Instagram to hit out at Ortega.

Yesterday, Ortega himself took to Instagram to make a statement. The 29 year old has since deleted the post but not before we took a screenshot.

In the statement, Ortega referred to Park as a ‘translator’, a ‘K-pop star’ and the ‘instigator’. He said he apologised for slapping the translator and the K-pop star but wouldn’t apologise for slapping the instigator.

Ortega is coached by Rener Gracie, who defended the actions of his pupil. Much to the surprise and disappointment of ‘The Korean Zombie’, who in the last couple of hours has taken to Instagram again to express his feelings.

@renergracie I cannot believe you wrote this!
Jay Park never asked me to write anything and get myself involved in this situation.

How is it even acceptable that a 2nd place ranked fighter resorted to using violence towards a civilian?
I have been practicing my Jiu Jitsu while watching your YouTube videos. I even attended your seminar when you were in Korea. I am just ashamed and embarrassed.
I also want to address that I am upset at ‘Gracie Jiu Jitsu’ as much as that moment when Ortega slapped Jay Park. Is it okay for someone to solve a problem physically before attempting to fix it verbally? Do you guys tell your students that it’s okay to do that at Gracie Jiu Jitsu?

I truly thought that you would scold Ortega for his childish behavior because he should have never hit a civilian. I am deeply disappointed in you. #zombieapocalypse

There’s no doubt we haven’t heard the last of this feud between Team ‘Korean Zombie’ and Team Ortega. As usual, the best way to solve this is probably inside the Octagon.

Do you think ‘The Korean Zombie’ and Brian Ortega need to settle their differences inside the UFC Octagon?


In the last couple of minutes, Brian Ortega has taken to Twitter to officially apologise to Jay Park.

In the last few minutes, Rener Gracie has also apologised to ‘The Korean Zombie’ and Jay Park.

Brian Ortega has now expanded on his apology:

‘The Korean Zombie’ has now responded to Ortega’s apology:

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