Adesanya Knew Jones Would Price Himself Out Of Ngannou Fight

Jon Jones, the UFC light heavyweight champion, has been flirting with the idea of moving up to the heavyweight division for the past couple of years. The most recent talks in that direction were between ‘Bones’ and the heavyweight finisher, Francis Ngannou. But after negotiations broke down with the UFC, Jones gave up pursuing the fight.

Israel Adesanya however, doesn’t believe that Jones ever really wanted to fight Ngannou. Speaking to Submission Radio (transcript by The Mac Life), the UFC middleweight champion accused ‘Bones’ of justing wanting some attention.

“No one wants to f*** with Francis. And I said, [Jon Jones] been around the f***ing game for ten years, he’s never jumped up in weight. He’s not doing it. Trust me. And a little birdy even told me, tweeted me, private messaged me and told me he’s not gonna do it. So, yeah, I already knew. And he’s gonna outprice himself.

“It’s a great fight, sure,” Adesanya continued. “He can definitely beat Francis, sure. But trust me, you don’t want that f***ing smoke with Francis. Francis learned from his Stipe Miocic fight. He’s learned and he respects his own power now. He knows he can’t just fall in love with it. He’s a different man now from when I talked to him last, and I’m telling you, man, I can’t wait for him, Kamaru and myself, all golded out, and we do this big tour of Africa. I really love that vision, I really love that vision. I can’t wait ’til it happens.”

The Nigerian-born New Zealander has gone back and forth with Jones himself, and wants to fight him somewhere down the road. But ‘The Last Stylebender’ has set some priorities to take care of first, and he thinks that it would be hypocritical of Jones to question them.

“I want to be an active champion, I want to defend my belt a few more times, and then I’m gonna go up and f*** this n***** up,” Adesanya said. “But like, people think, it’s like, ‘oh, why don’t you just do it now? Sign the f***ing dotted line’. Why don’t you f***ing do it now? Why don’t you f***ing go up to heavyweight? It’s been f***ing ten years. Sign on the dotted line. Fight some f***ing heavyweights. And I’m not saying that he can’t do it. He can. But why hasn’t he done it yet?

“You’re expecting me to do something you haven’t done yourself? That’s dumb. So, let me do my thing, and I’m gonna come up and f*** you up with or without the belt, cause I want that.”

Do you agree with Israel Adesanya? Did Jon Jones deliberately outprice himself out of the fight with Francis Ngannou?

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