Alex Volkanovski Wants To Fight Max Holloway Before He Moves Up

Alexander Volkanovski has been making all the right noises. The featherweight contender stopped former title challenger Chad Mendes at UFC 232, and has been calling out anyone and everyone under the sun.

More recently, Jose Aldo said he doesn’t even know who Volkanovski was. However, Alex does not hold anything against Jose. During the UFC 234 fight week, Volkanovski spoke to the media including Asian Persuasion MMA about wanting to fight soon. While Volkanovski understands that he may have to wait a little longer to get a top contender, he said he doesn’t want to wait for longer periods.

And then, there was the topic of Max Holloway. With the UFC Featherweight Champion fanning the flames about a potential rematch with Conor McGregor, Alexander Volkanovski wants to fight Max before he moves up a weight class.

“That’s when I thought, ‘I am not waiting around’. Give us the interim title or something”, Alexander told the media, while talking about Holloway’s recent trip to Ireland. “Obviously something’s going on there. I’ve definitely seen that, and I thought, ‘Oh, he’s putting the feelers out there’, but at the same time, I want to fight, and I want to fight regularly. So, if that’s happening, give me someone for the number one contender or the interim (title), if they’re going to do that. However it works, just give me a fight, and give me someone right up there”.

Alexander “The Great” then talked about Conor McGregor, and mentioned that he doesn’t think Conor will ever drop down to 145 lbs. That led to Volkanovski once again calling out Max Holloway.

“There’s so much talk, that’s one other thing. That’s why I called out Max. Everyone’s talking about him going to lightweight, and I’m like, ‘Well wait a second! Fight me before you go’. They’re trying to say there’s nothing left in this division, and I just think that’s rubbish. My next fight, I guarantee everyone — the whole world’s going to be saying, ‘Yeah, give him that title shot’. I guarantee it.”

You can watch the entire scrum below.

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