Anderson Silva: Former Champion Suffers Minor Injuries At UFC 237

The moment Anderson Silva hit the mat at UFC 237, wincing in pain while clutching his leg, the Brazilian fans would’ve feared the worst. The sight was eerily similar to when Silva broke his leg during his fight with Chris Weidman. The Brazilian legend, who is considered by many to be the greatest middleweight champion in history, has never been the same since suffering that gruesome injury.

Against Jared Cannonier at UFC 237, Anderson Silva ate an inside leg kick, and crumbled to the floor. The referee immediately stepped in and called off the fight, and while Silva’s leg wasn’t visibly broken, there was still fear among the fans that Anderson’s fighting days may well and truly be over.

According to MMA Fighting, Anderson’s injury wasn’t as serious as initially feared. The outlet has reported that the former champion did not suffer any serious injuries, and that his MRI reports have revealed that his ligaments are healthy.

Furthermore, it was also reported that Anderson Silva has to undergo physical therapy, before getting into a camp for his next fight — if he fights, that is.

“Spider” also took to social media after his loss, providing some encouragement to his fans.

“Speak my people. ATE THE LIMIT. Pain is your friend. It shows that you’re not dead yet. They say that great symbols become great targets, perhaps but the most important thing is not to get victimised. If you fall, get up. If broken, don’t give up or think you can not because you lost a battle. The saying is one, I go until the end and the more I press but I will want to go to the end. There is nothing wild that feeling sorry for yourself. An old lion surrounded by hungry hyenas, crazy to devour him and he yet he fights to the death, without ever feeling sorry for himself. And will not be different with me!!!! Strength and honour!!!”

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