Anthony Johnson Shoots Down Rumours About Bare Knuckle Boxing Debut

Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson – three words that used to send shivers down the spines of UFC light heavyweights. While the former UFC title contender has retired from the sport of mixed martial arts, the fans still yearn to see the raw power of Rumble.

Over the past 24 hours however, the fans started getting excited once again. Rumours started making rounds about Johnson possibly returning to active competition. However, it wouldn’t be as an MMA fighter, but as a bare knuckle boxer.

The past year has witnessed a spike in interest in the sport of bare knuckle boxing. Multiple promotions have popped up in the United States, with the first BKB event being sanctioned in 2018, with the sport returning after over a 100-year hiatus. Former UFC, Bellator MMA and PFL fighters have signed up to participate in BKB matches, and there were reports of Anthony Johnson becoming the next high-profile name to venture into the new territory.

However, Rumble has since squashed the rumours, saying he currently has an ambassador-type role with the promotion.

“Listen I’m not fighting for Bare Knuckle”, Johnson wrote. “Dope organization and I can say that because I’m here at an event now. My job is FIGHTER RELATIONS ONLY. Who was the 1 that put it out there that I’m fighting?”

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