Anthony Pettis Would Never Fight The ‘F***ing Monster’ Ben Askren

While speaking to the media ahead of his UFC Nashville main event against Stephen Thompson this weekend, Anthony Pettis was asked about his team mates in the UFC welterweight division. Including Ben Askren. And it’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing ‘Showtime’ enter the UFC Octagon with ‘Funky’ any time soon.

“I would never fight Ben Askren, I’d save myself the embarrassment. That dude is a f***ing monster.

“He’s one of those guys, when I was [1]55er, he was the one getting me ready for Ben Henderson, all those guys. That run I went on, he was one of my main training partners [He’s] the type of guy that, you can never count him out. I spinning back kicked him one time, right in the chin, I could tell he was hurt, he double legs me, gets on top and just starts grinding me out. He’s one of them tough, deep-down guys. He’s really good.”

Anyone who watched Askren’s fight with Robbie Lawler earlier this month, at UFC 235, can vouch for how tough he is.

You can see the whole media scrum with Anthony Pettis here.

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