Ben Askren Goes After MVP And Paul Daley On Social Media

Ben Askren lately has been showing off his funnier side on social media. From having hilarious exchanges with the UFC social media team, to trolling fellow fighters, ‘Funky Ben’ has been having a few laughs leading up to his fight at UFC 235.

However, earlier today, he saved his tweets for Paul Daley and Michael ‘Venom’ Page, who fought at Bellator 216. MMA personalities took to Twitter to give their thoughts on the main event, where Daley, who previously accused Jon Fitch of willing to only grapple in his fights, tried to keep MVP on the mat.

Furthermore, back in 2017, Daley gave an interview where he talked about fighting MVP in the future. During the interview, ‘Semtex’ also mentioned that he wanted a ‘no take-down clause’ to be inserted into their fight contract.

So with Daley interested in grappling with MVP, and Michael ‘Venom’ Page not being able to shrug Paul Daley off for majority of the fight, Ben Askren decided to have a little fun at their expense.

In the end, Ben tweeted that both the fighters should’ve come to a gentlemen’s agreement about not going for take-downs during the fight.

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