Brian Ortega And Eddie Bravo Believe Tony Ferguson Can Beat Khabib

UFC featherweight contender Brian Ortega and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder and head coach Eddie Bravo believe Tony Ferguson can unlock the mystery of Khabib. The UFC lightweight champion has dominated his competition with his top-heavy ground game, smothering them into admitting defeat. However, Ortega, who is a BJJ black belt, believes that Tony’s BJJ expertise can aid him in defeating Nurmagomedov.

Talking to Kumite TV, Brian revealed that he believes only Tony Ferguson can dethrone ‘Eagle’.

“Tony is an amazing athlete – (and) he’s a great jiu-jitsu guard player as well”, Ortega said (h/t “But when I see things, there are just certain positions that I feel like I’m better at than certain people, and vice-versa, they’re better than me in certain positions. But the positions that Khabib is amazing at, I’m equally as amazing from the bottom.”

While the lightweight champion has dominated most of his fights, there was a moment during his scuffle with Poirier, where it looked like ‘Diamond’ succeeded in locking a guillotine choke. While Dustin couldn’t finish the job, Ortega believes he would have.

“I feel like if anyone’s going to beat him, it’s Ferguson. And if not, we’re going to have to wait until I come up”, he said.

“I feel like anyone who I wrap up is in danger, and the level of danger is extreme. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and I’ve been going with the top-level grapplers in the entire world and finishing them, and catching them. So this is something that’s in the future, for sure.”

Eddie Bravo Believes Tony Can Defeat Khabib With D’Arce Choke

If there is someone who can unravel the mysteries of Brazilian jiu jitsu, it has to be Eddie Bravo. Eddie is also the coach of Tony Ferguson, and said Tony can defeat Nurmagomedov.

Talking to MO HOSANI 360, Eddie said ‘El Cucuy’ can catch Khabib with a D’Arce choke.

“With that caliber of fight, I don’t make predictions”, Bravo said (h/t “But we are planning on beating him.

“[I] can’t give away too much, but the difference is, everybody [else] is running from Khabib on the ground”, Eddie continued, explaining why Ferguson is different from the others. “They spend the whole time trying to get to the fence to get back up. Tony’s not going to do that. Tony’s going to attack. So it’s going to be a little different. He’s going to attack with submissions, and he’s going to attack with elbows. He’s not going to try to get back up. He’ll try to keep the fight standing and do some takedown defense and all that stuff.

“When you’re looking for D’arces all the time, it alters your game. D’arcers, your approach them a little bit differently, it alters your game. Tony is that guy. Tony will hit those things from every angle. While Khabib is trying to take him down, he’s gotta watch out for all that s**t.”

As things stand, Dana White wants Tony Ferguson to fight Khabib next, while Khabib’s manager also said Tony will get the next crack.

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