Brock Lesnar And UFC Couldn’t See Eye-To-Eye On Fight Pay – Report

For months, Daniel Cormier has been waiting patiently, for Dana White’s phone call. The UFC Heavyweight Champion has been vocal about his intentions to retire soon, and has been waiting for the money fight with Brock Lesnar. With Lesnar dropping the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania last month, the word going around was that Cormier and Lesnar would finally cross paths in a few months.

That was until Dana White told ESPN about Brock Lesnar’s decision to retire from the sport of mixed martial arts! Understandably, the news was met with a collective “huh?!”, while few other fighters were upset at Lesnar for holding up the division for so long, only for him to back out now.

According to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, the reason why Lesnar decided to retire from MMA, and not fight again, was because of the new UFC pay-per-view model.

Brock Lesnar reportedly wanted UFC to pay the fight purse up front, with UFC’s pay-per-views now being online. However, the UFC officials reportedly thought that the number he was asking for was too much, resulting in Lesnar walking away from the negotiations table.

“On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer says Brock Lesnar wanted a flat fee for his next UFC fight due to UFC pay-per-view now being online only. Dave says the number was deemed too high & turned down by the UFC.”

Daniel Cormier will now reportedly fight Stipe Miocic, with the rematch happening for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

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