‘Burger King’ Conor McGregor Responds To Tony Ferguson’s Call Out

After Conor McGregor took to social media yesterday to put the whole lightweight division on notice (you can read about that here), Tony Ferguson took to Twitter to callout ‘No Sauce Mcnuggets’.

And it didn’t take long for McGregor to respond and unfortunately for Ferguson, he didn’t really take the bait.

Ferguson recently turned down the opportunity to fight Max Holloway for the UFC interim lightweight title. Instead, the shot went to Dustin Poirier, who will fight Holloway in the UFC 236 main event.

The last time we saw Ferguson in action was his war with Anthony Pettis, in the co-main event at UFC 229. In the main event, Khabib Nurmagomedov beat McGregor, before the infamous brawl broke out. McGregor and Khabib are still currently suspended as a result of their parts in it.

It is believed that McGregor will fight ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone next and although I love that fight, I love McGregor vs Ferguson as much, if not more.

Who would you like to see McGregor fight next?

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