CCTV Footage Of McGregor Smashing Phone Released, Court Date Set

TMZ Sports have posted a video of the CCTV footage of the whole phone smashing incident, involving Conor McGregor last month in Miami.

McGregor is scene entering the shot, doing his ‘billionaire’s strut’, surrounded by his entourage. Moments later, the Irish man knocks Ahmed Abdirzak’s phone out of his hand and proceeds to stomp on it. Before picking it up and leaving the scene with it.

The CCTV footage was released the same day that McGregor was set his next court case for the incident. Judge Spencer Multack assigned a trial date of May 13th at Wednesday’s arraignment hearing.

Despite the footage of the incident, McGregor formally pleaded not guilty, via his legal team at the hearing in Miami-Dade County criminal court, according to The Independent.

In the last week, the two felony charges for criminal mischief and for strong-arm robbery have been reduced to a misdemeanour and robbery by sudden snatching (a third-degree felony). Abdirzak has also dropped the legal case against McGregor, thought to be because an out of court settlement has been agreed. You can read more about that here and here.

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