Chuck Liddell: McGregor vs ‘Cowboy’ Has To Be Main Event

News came out this week that the Conor McGregor vs ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone fight was off, before it was even officially on. First Joe Rogan, and then ‘Cowboy’ himself, explained that this was because McGregor refused to fight in a co-main event. Which according to the UFC, they would have had to have done, in order to have a title fight in the main event. You can see Rogan and ‘Cowboy’ say this here and here.

Chuck Liddell has now had his say on the matter, when he was asked by TMZ Sports. Saying that that fight has to be a main event.

It’s difficult to argue with ‘The Ice Man’. There have been numerous occasions when the UFC has made exceptions to their usual protocol. McGregor has been in the main event on two occasions when there has been a title fight in a heavier weight class, which usually gets the headline slot.

What do you think of the situation? Should Conor swallow his pride and take the co-main event? Or should the UFC make this fight a main event?

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