Cody Garbrandt And Sean O’Malley Argue Over Best UFC 250 Knockout

Bantamweight contenders, Cody Garbrandt and Sean O’Malley both believe that their respective knockouts were the highlight of UFC 250. Garbrandt scored a clean ‘one hit’ finish over Rafael Assuncao in the second round on the main card. While O’Malley rendered former WEC champion, Eddie Wineland unconscious in under two minutes in their preliminary bout.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Garbrandt declared his knockout to be the better of the two.

“Mine was way better. Way [more] vicious. My dude couldn’t get up. I knew that as soon as I started that punch, the trajectory of where it was going, the force and the speed, it was going to connect and knock him out. It was a picture perfect punch and just a nice walk-off.”

‘No Love’ addressed the fact that O’Malley has never faced top competition like he has. As a former champion, Garbrandt has only faced top five opponents in his last few years of competition and believes that his opponent’s higher rank is a key factor in deciding whose finish was more impressive.

“[O’Malley has] never fought anybody in the Top 15, so that’s a huge difference when you’re able to starch people like that at each level.”

Garbrandt also claimed that his right hand against Assuncao was the hardest strike that he has ever landed inside of the Octagon.

“I guess in a sanctioned fight, yeah. I’ve blasted some fools bare fist before like that, had some nice knockouts. But yeah, definitely in a sanctioned fight, that was a nice timed right hand.”

Also speaking to TMZ Sports, O’Malley said that his knockout was the cleaner of the two.

“I mean, his looks like something I’d see at a bar fight. Some drunk that’s just hit someone with their hand. He like, squatted and he threw a right hand from his right foot so it depends if you like brawls or if you like technique more.

“That’s how you decide which knockout’s better. I’m a bit biased, I thought mine was a little more clean and calculated. The sequence leading up to it. The left body kick, the short right hook then the stance switch. The spinning head kick, right hand feint, uppercut, left hand feint, right hand. Then a beautiful knockout.

“Or his, where you just kinda say ‘I hope that this lands’…so. It was a sweet knockout. His was definitely worth 50 G’s. I’m not talking s*** on the knockout but if you wanna compare, then I think that mine’s more [impressive].

This argument may lay down the foundations for a super hyped fight between these fiery 135 pounders. O’Malley also stated that he and Garbrandt will “100 percent fight someday”.

Who do you think landed the sweeter knockout at UFC 251, Cody Garbrandt or Sean O’Malley?

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