Colby Covington: Loss To Kamaru Usman Cost Me $10-20 Million

Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington lost his last fight against Kamaru Usman, who broke his seven-fight win streak via fifth-round TKO at UFC 245 last December.

Covington has been calling for an immediate rematch ever since. Speaking to ESPN, ‘Chaos’ suggested that he will get the rematch with Usman on Dana White’s Fight Island this summer.

“Colby Covington fights Marty ‘Fake Newsman’ on Dana White’s Fight Island. In July, what would usually be International Fight Week [in Las Vegas], on Fight Island,” he said. “Let’s do it, baby. I’ll throw his dead body to the sharks when I’m done with it.”

Covington has claimed numerous times that Marc Goddard did a bad job refereeing his fight against Usman. The 32-year-old doesn’t like the fact that Goddard stopped the action in the second round after labelling his kick as a low blow, and he dismisses the stoppage in the fifth round, claiming Usman’s punches were to the back of the head.

In addition, Covington accused Goddard for costing him millions of dollars in terms of the impact on his career.

“I would say [Goddard’s officiating cost me] between $10 million to $20 million, easy. I want a fair shake at a world title fight. I didn’t get a fair shake,” Covington said. “I have such a bad taste in my mouth from that last fight. That’s my entire dream since I was 5, I set out to be the best in the world.

“All I want is a fair shake, is that too much to ask? I have to be able to overcome corruption, overcome the bad calls, and that’s what I’m doing every day. Working to ensure that.”

The number two ranked UFC welterweight added that he wants to fight either Usman or his former best friend, the number three ranked Jorge Masvidal, whom he has been going back and forth with for the last year.

“I want my fight with Usman or ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal. There are no other fights to make,” Covington asserted. “I’ll just keep waiting, keep training. Every day that goes by, it’s only getting worse for my competition, I promise you that.”

Would you rather see Colby Covington return against Kamaru Usman or Jorge Masvidal?

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