Colby Covington On How He’ll Beat Kamaru Usman And Khabib Easily

It looks like Colby Covington is finally going to get his title shot, with UFC President Dana White, stating that he will be Kamaru Usman’s first title defence. We’ll pretend we can’t remember him promising the title shot to Covington previously, before changing his mind.

But with the title shot likely going down this summer, Covington thinks it will be in August, he’s not letting up on calling out anyone and everyone.

In his latest attacks, ‘Chaos’ called out the man he will challenge for the UFC 170lbs belt, Usman, and the UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Saying they’re both easy fights for him.

Speaking about Usman, Covington told MMA Fighting that he expects him to fight emotionally and recklessly and as a result, expects to knock him out.

“I know I’m living rent free [in Usman’s head]. Just the reaction I saw of him the day after his fight with Woodley, that showed me everything I need to know. I am in his head and he’s going to fight me emotional and I’m going to knock him out.

“He going to be throwing wild, he’s going to be trying reckless takedowns and he’s going to gas out, man. People don’t realise how good I am and how good my cardio is until you’re in that Octagon with me. And he’s going to find out the hard way. He’s going to get his head dunked underwater in the 10 foot part of the pool. We’re not going to be in the kiddie pool like he’s used to, so his time is coming to an end. It’s just a matter of time.”

And when it comes to fighting Khabib, Covington said that would be his easiest challenge. As he told Kacper & Denis on the latest episode of Submission Radio‘s Podcast.

“It’s an easy fight. He’s already asking to fight GSP in between welterweight and lightweight. I can make in between welterweight and lightweight because I’m not a big welterweight. It’s going to be more rewarding to smash two of Ali [Abdelaziz]’s biggest clients and just leave him crying. He’s already emotional.

“He would be my easiest challenge. He’s small and he doesn’t even do what I do as good as I do it. He can’t wrestle as good as me. He’s never faced a high level Division One All American. A kid who has been wrestling his whole life. That sambo shit, that shit’s weak, man. If wrestling was easy, it would be called sambo. But it’s not, it’s called wrestling.”

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