Conor McGregor Continues To Take Shots At UFC Fighters

Conor McGregor might not have a fight scheduled anytime soon, but the Irishman isn’t going easy on his peers on social media. The former two-division champion has been on a “tweet-delete” splurge, and recently went after the man who he defeated in 14 seconds, Jose Aldo. With Aldo competing this weekend, McGregor has been taking shots at his former opponent.

Recently, McGregor hinted that the former featherweight champion was back on PEDs.

Conor’s comment has since been deleted, but not before eagle-eyed MMA fans captured the exchange.

Mairbek Taisumov Reacts To Tweets By Conor McGregor

Yet another instance when McGregor chose to go the accusatory way saw the former UFC Lightweight Champion target Khabib Nurmagomedov and his teammates.

Conor tweeted, “Team Meldonium. 3 on this list caught on performance enhancers in the past already. Islam, zubaira and Mairbek. Dirty smelly rats all of them.” The tweet has since been deleted.

However, Mairbek fired back with his own tweet.

“McCocaine the only SCARY RAT I see on this picture is YOU sitting in the corner whining and crying, calling it all business. Only things you’re smashing are smartphones, busses and cocaine lines you junky! Hope to see you one day face2face.”

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