Conor McGregor Posts Dana White DMs, Says He’s Boxing Manny Pacquaio

In a surprising series of tweets, Conor McGregor has posted several private messages between himself and the UFC president Dana White and accepted Diego Sanchez’s call out. Oh and he announced he’s fighting Manny Pacquiao in the boxing ring in the Middle East.

Speaking to the media ahead of his welterweight clash with Jake Matthews at UFC 253, Sanchez revealed his four fight retirement plan, which concludes with a fight with McGregor.

“Nick Diaz is coming back,” Sanchez said. “There’s some other names, Nate Diaz, there’s a lot of big fights that would be appealing for the fans. I said I shoot for the moon, Conor McGregor is the number four fight. I envision myself dominating these next three fights and finishing my career with a fight with Conor McGregor. That’s my dream, that’s my vision. As I build my legacy and his does what his does, I’ll be waiting if he wants to do it at the end of the road.”

Taking to social media, McGregor responded directly to Sanchez, stating that he asked for the fight at the start of the year, when ‘The Nightmare’ first stated that he wanted to fight the Irishman. To support his claims, the former two division UFC champion posted several screenshots of private messages between himself and Dana.

Responding to McGregor’s tweets, Sanchez promised an excellent performance on Fight Island.

McGregor meanwhile, went on to explain the reasoning behind his latest retirement in June.

Then in a surprising twist, McGregor announced that he will be boxing Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao in the Middle East.

The series of tweets came a few hours after McGregor posted footage of him training in the boxing ring.

McGregor teased of a fight with Pacquiao last month, when he tweet ‘I accept’ in Filipino. Both men are signed with Paradigm Sports Management.

McGregor has boxed once before, three year ago when he fought Floyd Mayweather. Although he would go on to lose in the 10th round, the fight sold over four million pay per views.

Do you think Conor McGregor vs Manny Pacquaio happens?


In the last hour, CNN Philippines has stated that Pacquiao’s team have confirmed that talks have begun.


In the last couple of minutes, McGregor has just posted a message to Diego Sanchez, following his loss to Jake Matthews at UFC 253.

McGregor’s tweet comes shortly after Dana White expressed his dissatisfaction at Conor for posting his private DMs, while speaking at the UFC 253 post fight press conference.

Responding to Dana’s comments, McGregor hit out at the UFC president for lying.

Over the weekend, McGregor also took to Instagram to post about his fight with Mayweather. Adding that he thinks it’s “criminal” that his MMA career is currently on hold.

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The very first shot of the fight. Right on the button through the guard. I didn’t even put anything into that shot. Just placed it. It was hard for me not to dwell on the full 12 rounds that were potentially ahead of me and hold back my shots early. Still tho right on the absolute button. The first punch thrown. Remember the experts saying I wouldn’t land even 1 lol. I landed more than them all. The picture above is the very first punch of the fight thrown, and landed, and inside the very first second of the fight. Bums all of them “experts”. Listen to none of them! Really I should have just sat right thru that shot and took his head off and fuck the distance. If it didn’t work out just give him a good boot into the neck and get DQ’d and fined and who’d give a fuck. I’m upset I fully followed the rules for that fight to be honest. Floyd deserved a volley at the least. A shoulder even, break the face. Manny not so much tho I don’t think, but I will see how the build up goes and wait to hear what bitter old Freddie Roach has to say and then make a decision. My Whiskeys at half a b and climbing I could take a fine. I’d rather fight MMA anyway not sure why I’ve been held back like this, it’s borderline criminal at this stage. The biggest number generator in the game asking for four fights since February this year and getting left on seen. It’s pretty fucked up when I keep thinking of it. I’ve been right here this whole time. Bob Chapek, do you copy! I repeat, Bob Chapek – Do You Copy! Anyways boxing it is for now and I’m up for this! I hope no bottling takes place here. I’m already agreeing to these limited rules and holding back my full array of weapons. Let’s get it going guys. Much love, the champ champ

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