Corey Anderson Calls Out Johnny Walker, Walker Responds

Corey Anderson and Johnny Walker have been making waves in the light heavyweight division. With 3 wins in his last 3 fights inside the Octagon, Anderson has been on a hot streak. Meanwhile, Johnny Walker has breathed some much needed life into a division dominated by a certain Jon Jones.

Jon, who last defeated Thiago Santos (albeit by razor thin margin) was called out by both men. However, with the UFC President Dana White deciding that neither man had earned the opportunity to fight for the title, Anderson took to social media to call out Johnny Walker.

Anderson wrote, “Wanted to dethrone the “King”, they want me to derail a train. Johnny Walker thinks he’s ready for the big leagues, time to roll out the red carpet. You want the sauce?! Meet me in the land of opportunity, NYC, MSG, Nov 2nd”.

Not wasting any time, Johnny Walker then replied to Anderson, saying he was down to dance with him at MSG.

“Let’s dance together, and have a little fun, LHW needs a new king.”

Earlier, Dana White was asked about Corey Anderson facing Jon Jones next. However, White quashed any hopes of that happening.

Dana White, during his post-fight press conference at UFC 240 said, “Corey Anderson has turned down about 50 fights in the last month. So no [he won’t face Jon Jones].”

With Jones once again needing some competition in the light heavyweight division, it will be interesting to see what’s next for Jon. A move to heavyweight, perhaps?

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