Covington Calls Out ‘Washed Up’ Woodley For Fighting ‘Dilbert’ Burns

Colby Covington has continued his ongoing feud with Tyron Woodley by claiming the former UFC welterweight champion looked ‘washed up’ in his last fight, and stated that the UFC wants to see if he has anything left in the tank.

Woodley will be headlining the upcoming UFC card on May 30th against Gilbert Burns, who Covington referred to as ‘Dilbert’ and claimed no one knows who he is.

Earlier this week, Covington spoke to MMA Fighting (as transcribed by about his rival and a potential fight between the two.

“The real reason I didn’t get this fight is because the UFC didn’t want to give him the fight. His last fight, he looked so washed up, Mike, the UFC wanted to see if has anything left in the tank. They want to see if he can prove himself to earn the losing, ass-whoopin’ pay cheque to me. So this is a test by the UFC. They’re making him fight some kid named ‘Dilbert.’ Nobody even knows who Dilbert is. So we’ll see if passes that test and he can earn this ass-whoopin’, losing pay cheque to me. You know, who knows? He’s doing a lot of things. I mean, he’s trying to rap. He’s hurting people’s ears, dude. He’s a frickin’ dork,” Covington said.

While Woodley has accused Covington of turning down a fight with him on numerous occasions, ‘Chaos’ has accused ‘The Chosen One’ of getting elective surgery to avoid fighting him.

“It just sucks. He just didn’t want to fight me. I’m the first guy to ever scare the champion into elective surgery. Elective surgery, Mike! The guy was ready to fight Nate Diaz, some lightweight scrub wash-up, the Stockton soy-boy, he was ready to fight him, but he won’t fight Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington when I have the real welterweight championship. The people’s championship. America’s championship. More importantly, [I’m] Donald Trump’s favourite fighter.”

If Tyron Woodley beats Gilbert Burns next weekend, do you think we’ll finally see him fight Colby Covington inside the Octagon?

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