Dan Hardy: Paulo Costa Is Just A More Reckless Version Of Yoel Romero

After a rich MMA career cut short due to heart issues, former UFC welterweight title challenger Dan Hardy, has became well-known for his detailed technical breakdowns, commentating skills, and fight predictions. With some huge bouts coming up in the UFC middleweight division, With some huge bouts coming up in the UFC middleweight division, ‘The Outlaw’ has taken the opportunity to offer his educated and respected opinion.

Darren Till vs Robert Whittaker

Speaking on the BT Sport’s Open Mat podcast (transcript by Bloody Elbow), Hardy broke down the situation in the UFC middleweight division. and identifing the winner of Darren Till vs Robert Whittaker, who are set to face each other this weekend at UFC Fight Island 3, as the next potential challenger the winner of Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa.

“Yeah, it would make absolute sense. And I think the thing is with Darren Till – and we knew this from when he first stepped into the UFC and he got that first big win – I feel like he’s got the kind of personality that would gravitate him toward big occasions, big events,” Hardy said. “And I think we saw this when he fought Masvidal, he was in the main event position above fighters who have been on the roster for a while from this region. He’s got that star power. And I think this is a mouthwatering match-up.”

In the case Whittaker wins, Hardy wouldn’t mind if he gets the rematch with Adesanya, to reclaim the belt he lost at UFC 243 last October.

“I’ll be honest, Israel Adesanya against either of these guys is exciting,” he said. “And I know Robert Whittaker had a loss, but I felt like he was reckless in that loss. And I don’t think it was really characteristic of him as a fighter.

“I thought he actually fought more like Yoel Romero in that fight than anything. So, I wouldn’t be against a rematch for Whittaker if he gets a win here. But at the same time, if Till gets a win? Absolutely, I’d want to see that fight against Adesanya.”

Paulo Costa The ‘Powerlifter’

Before taking on the next challenger, Adesanya must defend his title against Costa at UFC 253 on September 19th. But according to Hardy, ‘Borrachinha’ won’t be a problem for ‘The Last Stylebender’.

“And I’ll be honest, as dangerous as Paulo Costa is? I think he’s just a more reckless striking version than Yoel Romero. I don’t think he poses the same kind of problems to any of these guys,” Hardy said. “I mean, of course, if he catches you it’s the ‘If-Bomb.’ It’s like fighting Derrick Lewis, you know? If he catches you, he’s gonna knock you out. If he doesn’t catch you, you can probably make him look quite silly with your skills and technique.

“And I think all three of these guys have got the skills and ability to make Paulo Costa look like a powerlifter. Which is really what he is in comparison to these martial artists.”

Responding to Hardy’s comments, Costa took to social media to borrow a famous quote from Conor McGregor. Albeit, with a rather unfortunate typo.

How do you think Israel Adesanya, Paulo Costa, Darren Till and Robert Whittaker stack up with each other?

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