Dana, Covington & Danis React To Masvidal Asking To Be Released By UFC

First it was Jon Jones, now Jorge Masvidal. In recent weeks, ‘Bones’ has been going back and forth with UFC president Dana White after negotiations broke down for the UFC light heavyweight champion moving up to heavyweight to fight Francis Ngannou.

During the back and forth, Jones threatened to retire from the sport, challenged the UFC to release him from his contract and then later announced he was relinquishing his 205lbs title. Now Masvidal has gone down the same route.

Taking to social media in the last few hours, the ‘BMF’ champion expressed his dissatisfaction at negotiations for a title fight against the welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman.

Having previously accused Usman of asking for too much money for the fight, Masvidal changed his tune and accused the UFC of playing them both.

Masvidal then proceeded to give a history lesson for any new fans, going back to his days fighting in backyards, to his incredible 2019 inside the Octagon.

Speaking to the media at UFC 250 (as transcribed by MMA Junkie), Dana responded to Masvidal’s online comments.

“I think everybody wants more money. I think everybody wants more money in all these other sports. Masvidal says, ‘You’ve got enough money to buy islands.’ Let me repeat for the f***ing billionth time: I did not buy an island, OK? We did not buy an island,” Dana reiterated.

“The reason we’re doing the [Fight] Island is so that fights can go and these kids from Europe and the rest of the world can make money and can work. I think a lot of people are really frustrated and confused – or whatever the situation is right now.”

Dana then stated that Masvidal, Jones or anyone else doesn’t have to fight. Adding that the UFC is not like the NFL, where you are under contract to play.

“Anybody that doesn’t want to fight doesn’t have to fight, including Masvidal and Jon Jones and all these other guys. It doesn’t have to be because of the pandemic. These guys are independent contractors. This isn’t like the NFL where I can make you: ‘You come to practice and you do this or you’re going to get fined or you’re going to get this.’ These guys can do whatever they want. They can say whatever they want,” Dana said.

“We’re not begging people to fight. We’re offering fights because in our contract, I have to give you three fights a year. You have the ability to turn them down and not take them.”

The other factor in all of this is that Gilbert Burns has put himself into the title mix, having dominated the former champion Tyron Woodley, last weekend at UFC Vegas. While Masvidal is asking for more money than the UFC is offering, the 33 year old Brazilian is begging for the fight with Usman.

“The kid wants to fight,” Dana said of Burns. “He wants to fight. These other guys don’t wanna fight. He’s begging for the fight and he’s the number one ranked guy in the world.”

It wasn’t long after Dana’s comments that Masvidal once again took to social media to hit back at the UFC boss.

It also didn’t take Colby Covington long to weigh in. Masvidal’s former best friend was quick to hop online and call Jorge a ‘chicken’.

And it wasn’t only Covington, Dillon Danis also took the opportunity to throw shade Masvidal’s way, inviting him to come to Bellator, where he suggested he would finish him in under five seconds.

Masvidal is yet to respond to either Covington or Danis. We will however update this post with any further back and forth on social media.

Is Jorge Masvidal right to ask for more money than he’s been offered, to fight Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title?

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