Dana Expects A Motivated McGregor In Trilogy Fight With Poirier

UFC president Dana White has once again reiterated the fact that Conor McGregor wants to fight Dustin Poirier in a rubber match as soon as possible.  

In their rematch at UFC 257, Poirier shocked the world by stopping McGregor in the second round. The two had previously fought at UFC 178 in 2014, where the Irishman TKO’d ‘The Diamond’ in the first round.

The UFC 257 main event started out well for McGregor as he won the first round on all three judges’ scorecards. However, Poirier also had some success in the round as he constantly peppered his opponent’s lead leg with calf kicks. The Louisiana native upped the ante in the second round, and rocked his opponent with a massive left hook, before swarming on him with strikes.

There is no doubt that McGregor wants to avenge his loss, and luckily for him, the UFC and Poirier also appear to be moving in the direction of the trilogy fight.

Motivated McGregor

Speaking on The Jim Rome Show (as transcribed by The Mac Life), Dana revealed that the promotion is already working on a trilogy fight between McGregor and Poirier.

“Conor’s ready to roll,” Dana said. “Conor wants to fight again. He wants the rematch with Dustin Poirier, and he wants it as soon as possible. We’re working on it. Hopefully this summer.”

McGregor’s wealthy lifestyle and troubles away from the Octagon have kept him on the sidelines for long periods of time in recent years, as he has only competed three times since 2016. But Dana believes that the former two division champion’s UFC 257 loss has reignited the competitive fire in him.

“I think the loss put him back into a really good place,” Dana stressed. “It’s the classic ‘Rocky 3.’ You’re pulling up to the fight in yachts and covered in Versace and you got all the money in the world, it’s hard to stay hungry.”

Poirier Discusses Trilogy

Poirier has also stated that he’s open to fighting McGregor again if he is offered the right deal. However, he expects his third fight with the Dublin native to be completely different from the first two.

“It’s fighting man, I don’t think you ever really [have someone’s number],” Poirier said. “He’ll make adjustments. It’ll be a completely different fight. Like the first one and the second one was different, the third one is going to be different as well. I’m going to make adjustments as well. I’m going to switch it up, keep things fresh and keep him guessing.”

Do you believe Dana White when he says the loss to Dustin Poirier has reignited the competitive fire in Conor McGregor?

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