Dana White On UFC Brooklyn Main Event: ‘Horrible Stoppage’

Dana White isn’t happy.

The buck keeps rolling, as it so appears. The main event of UFC Brooklyn saw Henry Cejudo stopping TJ Dillashaw in the very first round. After the fight, TJ ripped the referee, saying that the fight was stopped early. Fighters and fans alike have since been split in their opinions, but UFC President Dana White wasn’t too happy with the stoppage either.

Speaking during the post-fight press conference, Dana White opined that the referee should’ve let the two fight.

“I thought it was an early stoppage too”, Dana revealed. “Listen, you got two of the best guys in the world, two champions, in a super-fight. Let them fight! Let them finish, and I’m not taking anything away from Cejudo. Because the fight went twenty seconds, and Cejudo busted him up.

“I’m sure when you saw him (Dillashaw) sitting here, it looks like he was in a three-round fight. But Jesus Christ! Let them fight. Horrible stoppage!”

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