Dana White Says The Boxing Model Is Broken And He’s The Man To Fix It

The UFC is another step closer to entering the world of boxing. Last month we reported that UFC president Dana White had received his amateur boxing licence. The UFC boss has now confirmed that he has hired someone to run the new boxing division within the promotion.

Although Dana didn’t say who it is he has hired, he said that he hopes that they will begin their new role in October (as transcribed my MMA Junkie).

“I’m hoping October. He’ll be sitting in his office in October. I’m building his office right now. It’ll be done soon, and hopefully he’ll be sitting at it in October.”

Dana has often criticised the way boxing is run and in particular, how seldom the best face the best. A good example is the current situation in the heavyweight division with Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

“I’m going to break the model and rebuild it. The model is broken, we all know it. Everybody knows it. You don’t have to be a f***ing rocket scientist to figure that out. The model is broken, it needs to be fixed and we’ll see if I’m the guy to do it.”

Having done his homework and spoken to everyone in the game, Dana said he’s confident that he’s the man to fix the broken model.

“Listen, I told you guys a year ago, however long ago it was – two years, I don’t remember – but I’m getting into boxing. I needed to take my time, do my homework. I’ve met with literally everybody who’s anybody out there. There’s still a couple more coming. I got a meeting with a couple of English guys and we’ve pretty much talked to and met with everybody. Everybody wants to work with us. Everybody wants to be a part of it, everybody was more excited and open minded than I expected, and I’m feeling pretty optimistic.”

Do you think Dana White and Zuffa Boxing will have success in the world of boxing?

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