Dana White To Make Move Into World Of Boxing After The Summer

Since Conor McGregor stepped over to the boxing world to face Floyd Mayweather, Dana White has spoken about the UFC branching out into boxing.

Although the topic hasn’t been spoken of as much lately, Dana insists the plan is still to enter the world of boxing promoting. Speaking to CNN Sport this week, the UFC President spoke about the boxing heavyweight division and the problem with it.

“I like Anthony Joshua. You know, I think he’s exactly what the heavyweight division needs right now. But what I don’t like what they’re doing is how they’re not fighting the best guys out there right now. You know, they have [Deontay] Wilder and they have [Tyson] Fury, who just fought to a draw in an incredible fight that people loved. The rematch isn’t happening with those two, and neither one of those two are going to fight [Anthony] Joshua. Here we go again.

“These guys could do a round robin fight, fight each other. You know, both guys could fight Joshua and they’d kill it. They’d make so much money and they would bring so much energy and life back to boxing. But these guys just keep shooting themselves in the foot.”

It’s an opinion that echoes around all of MMA, why don’t the best boxers ever face the best? There are obviously times when they do but all you have to do is look at how long it took to make the Maweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight and the look at the current heavyweight scene, to see that the best rarely fight the best.

It’s clear that Dana believes that he can take the same blueprint that has seen the UFC grow into one of the biggest sports properties in the world, and do the same thing in boxing.

And it doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait long to see how the UFC boss plans on going about it.

“I am making all my boxing moves after this summer. When this summer is over, you’ll be hearing a lot about what I’m doing in the sport of boxing.”

Dana White said at the recent UFC 236 post fight press conference, that he will show the world the future of fighting in the next two months. So it looks like that once the UFC reveal their big plans for the future, they will then begin to make their move in to the world of boxing.

And perhaps those plans will include Joshua and Wilder. Dana is a big fan of both and believes both should already be huge, global stars.

“Right now, Anthony Joshua should be a huge star in the United States too. But he’s not.

“Like Wider too. I mean, who could you get that’s more exciting than Wilder. This guy comes out and you know, just throws down. And he’s wild and he’s exciting.”

How do you think the UFC will do in the world of boxing?

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