Demetrious Johnson Is Enjoying Mixing With Different Cultures In ONE

Asia’s home of Martial Arts, ONE Championship, has been very successful in showcasing not only the best athletes in the region but also the different cultures.

With that in mind, athletes from the Western side of the world has been brought to a whole new experience compared to what they are used to and Demetrious Johnson currently is at the forefront of it.

Speaking on The Ariel Helwani Show, the newly-minted ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Champion revealed that he currently enjoys the Asian journey.

“I am not gonna lie, I [am] actually enjoying fighting in Asia. Like the whole trip. The Japanese fans are amazing, just the culture itself but if I had the opportunity to fight in North America again, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity but I’m enjoying the trips over to Japan, in Singapore, in Manila, they’re beautiful places and there’s nothing like you experience the different culture,” Johnson revealed.

The number one contender for Adriano Moraes’ ONE Flyweight World Championship even detailed his first-hand experience, particularly the recent event in Tokyo.

“When I was sitting at the event this weekend, is literally sitting back and seeing how diverse so many cultures are here. I mean we had a gentleman from Russia, we had a gentleman from Brazil, Italy, just all over the place, in different dialects and different interpreters going on during the rules meeting, and literally like we’re fighting with all the best in the world. ”

Demetrious also admitted that there is more to see outside of the usual things and places he has been, which also shattered his former belief about the entire population of the world.

“I thought when I was in North America, you would have more Americans than actual other people like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italy, Brazil, Filipinos, I think we have a whole stew of cultures in this event.”

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