Father-To-Be Amir Khan Is Feeling Excited And Inspired

2019 could prove to be a landmark year for Singaporean mixed martial arts star Amir Khan.

The 24-year old former Singaporean Muay Thai champion is coming off a world title opportunity to close out 2018 and now he finds himself along with eight of the best lightweights in the ONE Lightweight World Grand Prix.

At ONE: CALL TO GREATNESS on Friday, February 22nd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Khan will be facing Costa Rica’s Ariel “Tarzan” Sexton in the quarterfinals of the eight-man tournament, with the winner advancing into the semifinals and moving one step closer to a shot at the world title.

Outside the cage, Khan is also set to embark on another chapter of his life, as he will soon welcome fatherhood with a son on the way.

And while preparing for the birth of a child may cause some adjustments, Khan shares that he is not looking to change too much with his life.

“I know this is a time people will take a break or try not to do too many things but I like to keep my life the same” Khan shared with ONE Championship. “It’s not too bad. Some days are tough but overall, I feel good. It’s not a big issue.”

“I’m just super happy in my life right now. I couldn’t ask for anything better” he added.  

Most athletes who have been in the same position as Khan will be the first to tell you that the birth of a child immediately becomes a source of motivation.

Khan admits however, that baby or not, he still possesses the same motivation to compete, as he is doing it for himself.

“Some people say a baby gives you more motivation and stuff but the fight game, I’m doing it mostly for myself” Khan stated. “I’ve been doing [martial arts] for a long time. I’ve been training for the last 10 years, and mostly doing it for myself but it gives me more love in the house.”

“I don’t think it’s a big motivation but it brings good energy. I don’t want to say I can do this because of the baby” he continued.

More than anything, Khan adds, his first-born gives him a renewed sense of excitement, being that it is a new experience for him.

“I feel the baby gives me more excitement. I’m excited about the fight but I fight four times a year. A baby is just something new. When I think about it, it just gets me more excited because I’ve never done that before.”

At the end of the day, Khan admits that his son is a source of added motivation to perform to the best of his abilities, especially in the current path that he is on.

“I want my son to say, ‘My daddy is a World Champion’” Khan expressed. “That’s on my mind. It’s just a small factor that just adds to my inspiration.

“I just picture him already. It just gives me so much joy and excitement. It puts a big smile on my face” he concluded.

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