Firas Zahabi Reveals What It Would Take To Fight Conor McGregor

Firas Zahabi and Conor McGregor haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye lately. The former UFC champ-champ ripped into Firas when he picked Holloway over the Irishman. Couple of weeks ago, McGregor tweeted at Firas, calling him a ‘twerp’.

In what seemed like a challenge, Conor asked Zahabi why he wasn’t fighting inside the cage, instead of coaching. Firas Zahabi is one of the most renowned MMA trainers in the world, most notably taking Georges St-Pierre to the Promised Land.

While Firas did respond to Conor, saying that he wasn’t being personal, but was calling the fantasy fight as he saw it, he did recently open up about what it would take for him to fight McGregor. And, as per his own words, it wouldn’t cost a promotion much to get the two men inside the cage.

Zahabi did an AMA session recently, and said the following about fighting Conor. “Not much. Honestly, it would be a very reasonable price. Very reasonable”.

The question is asked around 11:20 mark.

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