GAMMAF – New Global Authority Unveiled For MMA

Global Authority for Mixed Martial Arts Federations (2018) is the youngest, and the most ambitious attempt at unifying platforms, for the betterment of the sport.

Until few years ago, many considered it to be a pipe dream to have a global authority for the sport of mixed martial arts. With the IMMAF now merging with the WMMAA, many considered it to be a compromising deal. However, a new regulating body has emerged, with the intention of overseeing the regulatory aspects of MMA promotions around the world.

GAMMAF, founded by Daniel Isaac, attempts to bridge this divide. Considering MMA is not an Olympic sport, it can be looked at as an audacious attempt — a rallying cry like none we’ve seen. And we now know the brains, and the personnel behind the governing body.

GAMMAF Founding Members

Press Release

From left to right: Phil Speicher, Tim Yau, George Mekhijian, Bill Waggoner, David Cox, Justin Fowler, Dan Isaac, Sudhir Rathod, and John Lake.

The Global authority for Mixed Martial Arts Federations (GAMMAF) was founded in 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri, U. S. A. One of GAMMAF’s main objectives is to unite the professional MMA community, by providing a global yet unified platform for MMA promoters and organizations, while presenting an upgraded system of MMA rules and scoring system. At a recently held interview, GAMMAF founder member Daniel Isaac presented a sneak peak at the new and upgraded GAMMAF MMA rules, which were tested for the first time ever at the India Open MMA Championships 2019.

More to come from GAMMAF this year while we release an official picture, official logo and the names of the founder board.

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