Gregor Gillespie Says His Wallet Got Stolen At UFC Brooklyn

Gregor Gillespie thought his night went perfectly. A second-round dominant win over Yancy Medeiros, thus keeping his undefeated streak intact, and the lightweight would have been thinking about a shower and a well deserved dinner in New York.

However, when he and his team reached backstage, they found their bags missing. Someone reportedly snuck inside his room, and made off with Gregor Gillespie ‘s — and his team’s belongings.

And Gillespie wasn’t exactly thrilled with the new development. The UFC fighter then took to social media, to reveal what had just happened.

“Please read” was inserted as the image, while the caption read:

“To who ever it is who stole mine and one of my coaches fight bags at the Barclays center tonight. Could you please just return my wallet and my mouth guards? If you stole the bag for some memorabilia, that’s cool you can keep that if you want, but id really like my wallet and mouth guards back. I REALLLLLY don’t want to go to the DMV.”

Guess not even the toughest men on the planet get excited when they have to visit the DMV!

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