UFC: Holland Accuses Adesanya Of Taking Steroids, Slams Chimaev

Kevin Holland is tired of talking about UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, who he accuses of taking steroids. The 28 year old also says that he doesn’t regret questioning Khamzat Chimaev’s heart over COVID complications, adding that he seemed fine when they had a run-in in a hotel lobby recently.

“He Was Doing Steroids”

Holland is set to fight longtime contender Derek Brunson in a high-stakes top 10 middleweight fight in the UFC Vegas 22 main event this weekend. During the pre-fight media scrum (as transcribed by MMA Junkie), one reporter asked ‘Trail Blazer’ about Adesanya, but he was in no mood to talk about him, other than accusing him of taking steroids.

“I’m gonna tell you what I feel about Israel Adesanya, and then you can ask me other questions besides Israel Adesanya. All right?” Holland said. “I think Israel Adesanya has a titty, and he was doing steroids to get that titty. All right? Next question.”

When asked more questions about Adesanya, Holland accused the MMA media of hyping up the middleweight champion too much, despite the fact that he just lost to Jan Blachowicz in a light heavyweight title fight at UFC 259.

“Guys, I don’t wanna talk about Israel Adesanya. You know what I mean?” Holland said. “ You guys always want to talk about Israel Adesanya, and it’s like, he just lost. You know what I mean? He just lost a fight where he got beat up on the feet, and he’s supposed to be the best striker in the sport. And then he got taken down and beat up there.

“You guys don’t talk about that, but you talk about him stepping up a weight class and doing this and doing this and doing that. Then everybody’s gonna view me as the bad guy because I’m up here telling you guys, you guys are f***ing nuts for riding his dick so damn hard. Stop riding his dick so hard.”

No Regrets

Last month, Holland criticised Chimaev for pulling out of his UFC Vegas 21 bout with Leon Edwards due to ongoing health issues as a result of having COVID last December, telling ‘Borz’ to “get the f*** over it”. Despite the fact that the Russian born Swede later almost retired from the sport as a result of the prolonged effects of COVID, the brash American doesn’t regret his comments.

“Why would I regret those comments?” Holland asked. “He still looks pretty in all his pictures. Everybody says he feels bad. I had seen him like literally two days before he said he felt bad, and we were about to low-key fight inside the lobby all over again. You know what I mean? I mean, he didn’t feel that bad that hour. So, it is what it is.

“I think the guy’s personally getting better, so when he comes back and he has to fight the tougher competition, he could continue to smash the way he’s been smashing.”

Chimaev Altercation

Holland also detailed his hotel altercation with Chimaev last December, where the two almost came to blows.

“It wasn’t like almost fight, it was just like literally, I seen him, he seen me and he walked in and I was like, ‘Oh look my best friend’s here,’” Holland said. “Granted there’s a language barrier, so he probably didn’t understand like I was being sarcastic, and he was like, ‘Oh you want to be friends now?’ I started laughing, I was like, ‘F*** no, never. Why would I want to be friends with you?’

“Then somebody behind me was like, ‘Kevin there’s a lot of them, and it’s just one of you,’ and I was like, ‘I’m not worried about it. I drove out here. I got dildos in the car. I’m ready to f*** that boy.’ So it’s never really worried about these guys. I hope he gets better. I’d love to fight him one day.”

What are your thoughts on Kevin Holland’s comments on Israel Adesanya and Khamzat Chimaev?

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