Holloway And Volkanovski Both Believe They Will Be King After UFC 245

UFC 245 goes down this weekend in Las Vegas. In the co-main event, Max Holloway is set to defend his featherweight title against Alex Volkanovski.

Going into the second of three title fights on the stacked card, Volkanovski could not be more confident. But as Holloway told the UFC, he isn’t feeling fazed at all.

“This is mixed martial arts. Every two weeks there’s a new face in the game. I will be here. I’ll stay here. Whoever you put in front of me, I will fight.”

The champion acknowledges that Volkanovski will bring his own unique set of problems, but stated that he couldn’t wait to find a solution for them.

“We’ve got a bunch of questions that Alex presents, and we can’t wait to answer them. I’m getting anxious and excited.”

As has been the case in Holloway’s last few fights, his seven year old son ‘Mini Blessed’, will be with him throughout fight week.

“My son is here right now with me. It’s giving him experience. We don’t know when this ride is going to end. It’s life experience: the ups and downs, the good times and bad times. He’s only seven. He was born on the same day as I got my UFC contract. I can literally say he was born into this life.”

Volkanovski will also enter the Octagon at UFC 245, looking to win the title with his family in mind.

“This fight is very important. It means success for the future for my family. Family is everything for me, this is why I do my job,” Volkanovski told the UFC. “I’m winning that belt for them.”

And the challenger doesn’t have any doubt that he will be bringing home the belt to his family in Australia.

“I believe I’m too strong for these featherweights. Maybe I’ll move up, too. I’m the guy for the job. The things that he does very well, just do not work with me. Basics like wrestling, strength and power go a long way. But I believe my high fight IQ and calculated style pull it all together. It will definitely be a challenge for Max and all the future opponents.”

Going into UFC 245, Holloway is coming off a unanimous decision win over Frankie Edgar at UFC 240. While Volkanovski earned his title shot by defeating the former champion Jose Aldo, in his last outing at UFC 237.

UFC 245 goes down Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who do you think will be taking the belt back to their family, Max Holloway or Alex Volkanovski?

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