Israel Adesanya Hits Back At Chris Weidman

Following Israel Adesanya’s win over Anderson Silva at UFC 234, Chris Weidman took to Twitter to stater that although he enjoyed the fight, he thought Adesanya was overrated. You can read more about that here.

Speaking to Luke Thomas on this week’s The MMA Hour, ‘The Last Style Bender’ gave his thoughts on the tweet.

“I didn’t pay any mind to Chris Weidman [saying] I’m overrated. Okay, why, because he beat Silva a little bit more handily than I did. You know. I’m overrated. Interesting. I could say the same thing about him. Heavily. And yeah, When I get this belt in my next fight, they can all line up and they can find out how overrated I am. And Chris Weidman, that’s his opinion, that’s his opinion, and I don’t have to pay any attention to it. But yeah, overrated, that’s interesting. Hmmm.”

Whilst talking to Ariel on The Ariel Helwani Show, Adesanya gave a stronger response.

“Not once after a person fights, have you seen me tweet some s*** about them. You know why? Because I don’t need something from them. They need something from me. I can say Weidman is underrated since USADA came into the game.”

Weidman wasn’t the only UFC middleweight to take a shot at Adesanya, Paulo Costa also did, claiming the ‘The Last Style Bender’ wouldn’t last two rounds inside the Octagon with him.

Adesanya didn’t pull any punches, replying to his fellow unbeaten middleweight contender, while talking to Luke Thomas.

“Now, what’s his name? Little juice monkey, Paula. Paula. A bitch. What did he say again? He said something about I wouldn’t last two rounds with him. See, Silva, that fight with me and him was just physical chess from the highest level of striking. It was just, if you know about footwork, intricacies of footwork, it was beautiful to watch. For a guy like Paula, he’s a walking punching bag, walking punching bag, juiced up, blown up and throws body shots and heavy, heavy, heavy. Bring that ass over here. I will test him.

“Uriah Hall was just jabbing him up,” Adesanya said. “How the f*** are you going to hit me with those little T-Rex arms. If I’m behind those jabs, the things that I follow up will be much, much different, so, yeah. A guy like that he should just focus on his fight he’s got next Yoel Romero and yeah, let them talk.

“I don’t give a f*** about what these guys are doing. I just give a f*** about me. And anytime I do something, any time I breathe. These guys tweet, say something stupid.”

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