Israel Adesanya Slams Jon Jones: Enjoy Your Victory Lap

Israel Adesanya was unsuccessful in his attempt to capture the UFC light heavyweight title from Jan Blachowicz earlier this month in the UFC 259 main event, but believes it was only a minor roadblock.

A Minor Setback

Adesanya came up short on the night, losing 49-46, 49-45, 49-45 on the judges’ scorecards. The loss has temporarily dented his hopes of a potential super fight with Jon Jones. Nonetheless, ‘The Last Stylebender’ remains in good spirits.

Speaking to ESPN (as transcribed by MMA Fighting), Adesanya said that the loss was only a minor setback and sets him up for a major comeback.

“In any movie, in any anime series, you have the valleys,” Adesanya said. “This is just mine. I’m taking this very well, and I know what I have to do to get back to my true self.”

Response To Jon Jones

Reacting to the UFC 259 main event on Twitter, ‘Bones’ heckled the middleweight champion for his loss, and said that he was no longer interested in the super fight. Adesanya feels that Jones’ comments show his true character.  

“That shows his character,” Adesanya stated. “Find a tweet of me tweeting and kicking him when everyone is s***ting on him. He barely beat Thiago Santos. Dominick Reyes, I believe, kicked his ass. It shows the character of who we are. It shows the character of what kind of people we are.

“And I know you all are going to use this as clickbait for a title to get some clicks. It just shows the character. Time will tell. There’s going to be a time. This just shows me his true character. This is how you want to play it? Cool. Time will tell, that’s all I’ll say.”

Victory Lap

For the time being however, Adesanya told Jones to enjoy his ‘victory lap’, because his time will come.

“He knows,” Adesanya said. “We all know what he’s like. We all know how fake he is. It’s not even going to take long before he f***s his life up again, if he hasn’t already and swept it under the rug. You had quarantine Izzy going at him last time, just giving him straight facts.

“I’m just taking my time and doing my thing, but he should do the same, because his life could be in shambles. … Take your victory lap now. Take your shots now. Cause, yeah, you know what happens. Take your little victory lap, because you’re one of those people that likes to take joy in another man’s demise.

“I could have done the same thing to him with Thiago Santos, when everyone was s***ting on him, I could have done the same thing when he got arrested, and he was all crying in the car and he knows the officer by his first name. I could have been tweeting, I could have had my own victory lap on three different occasions I could have, but I didn’t because that’s not my character, show the difference between him and me. Vast difference, and he’s the guy that’s all, ‘Hallelujah.’”

Darren Till

For now, Adesanya is focused on the middleweight division, and guarantees Darren Till the next shot at his title should he beat Marvin Vettori in the UFC Vegas 23 main event.

“Definitely if he wins, gets a title shot,” Adesanya guaranteed. “‘Scouser’ is number one on the list, but do your job, Till, you bum.”

Do you think we’ll ever see Israel Adesanya vs Jon Jones?

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