Joe Rogan On Mayweather vs Tenshin

On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast, Joe and his guest Kelly Pavlik, discussed the recent Floyd Mayweather fight that went down at RIZIN 14.

Whereas there are huge numbers of fans who believe that the fight was fixed, Rogan in’t one of them.

“A lot of people think that was a fixed fight. I think that was a 120-pound fighter. Fighting the best ever. I mean, it wasn’t a fixed fight. I don’t know why people think it was a fixed fight. That guy fights at 126-pounds I think. I think that’s his weight class. He’s tiny.

“I feel like the first [punch] clipped him on the temple. He hit him with the left hook on the temple. Hit him with a right hand then he hit him with a left hook. The right hand. Then he hit him afterwards as he was going down. But I think that left hand to the temple is what did the real damage. And then there was a big right hand afterwards that dropped him.

“I just think he was out of his league. Like way, way out of his league. What’s funny is if they let [Tenshin Nasukawa] kick he would f*** Floyd up”

And I’ve got to say, I’m with Joe. I don’t think there’s anyway it was fixed. I heard on the day of the fight, that Mayweather was going to be weighing around 30lbs more than Tenshin in the ring. That is a huge difference. Then take into account that Tenshin was fighting outside of his own discipline, without his greatest strength, his kicks. And on top of that, he was fighting Floyd Mayweather. One of the greatest to ever grace the boxing ring.

I think the fans were surprised with how ruthless Mayweather was. The feeling going into the fight, was that Mayweather was going treat it like an exhibition and Tenshin was going to fight for his life. And as many speculated, may even throw a kick.

Instead, Mayweather, known for making ridiculous amounts of money per minute inside the ring, obviously thought to himself ‘why work for nine minutes for $9 million, when I can get paid the same for less than three minutes work’.

You can watch the full fight below. What are your thoughts?

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