Joe Rogan Praises Francis Ngannou’s Power

UFC heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou has a big admirer in Joe Rogan. The veteran announcer, who also hosts his own podcast, recently talked about the fight between Ngannou and Junior dos Santos at UFC Minneapolis. Francis defeated the former UFC heavyweight champion with relative ease, knocking him out in just 71 seconds of the first round.

Speaking on his podcast, Joe Rogan revealed that people are scared to stand in front of Ngannou, because of the consequences.

“The consequences are so grave so everyone is scared”, Rogan said on his podcast (transcript via MMA Mania). “It’s normal. Everyone’s scared to fight, or at least there’s gonna be some anxiety or fear. Your heart rate’s gonna get jacked, your adrenaline’s gonna get pumping, but it’s even more so if the consequences are more grave. If you’re gonna take a skateboard down a small hill, you’re not freaking out. But if you’re gonna take a skateboard down. . . Sunshine Canyon, going 50 miles an hour, you’re gonna sh*t your f*cking pants.”

“You’re gonna try to land this thing right, you’re gonna figure out how not to die here, because the consequences are so much graver. And that’s what happens to these guys when they fight Francis. The consequences are so grave they make mistakes. With Junior he reached for an overhand right. He really, really extended himself and you can’t do that with Francis.”

After dropping losses to Stipe Miocic and Derrick Lewis, Ngannou has gotten back to winning ways, defeating Curtis Blaydes, and former heavyweight champions Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos in devastating fashion.

After the fight, Ngannou also called for the winner of Stipe – Daniel Cormier II, for the UFC heavyweight title.

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