Joe Rogan Praises ONE Championship

Anyone who follows the UFC and ONE Championship will know that the two organisations go about their business in very different ways. Whereas in the UFC, there is as much drama outside of the cage as inside it, in ONE, the fighters do their talking inside the cage.

There’s no doubt that drama sells fights. You just need to look at the Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov numbers to see that. However, in the East, more emphasis is put on the tradition of martial arts and the values that go with it. That is certainly the approach of ONE.

Speaking this week to Jorge Masvidal on his Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Rogan said that he appreciates the way ONE Championship handles things.

“I appreciate the way ONE FC handles things. Because they just concentrate on fighters being honourable and fighting their best, and fighting the best fighters they can fight. They don’t emphasise that s*** talking at all. They emphasis the martial arts aspects of it.”

There are obviously some fans in the East who love a good war of words between two fighters. And there are most definitely fans in the West, who don’t enjoy the trash talking side of things and how far it can go at times.

With ONE Championship getting bigger and bigger globally, whether you enjoy fighters cussing each other ahead of their fight, or just want to enjoy nothing more than great bouts inside the cage or ring, there are amazing events going on almost every week just for you.

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