Joe Rogan Reveals Who’d He Love To See Jon Jones Fight

On his latest episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan discussed who he would like to see Jon Jones fight. Talking to his guest Din Thomas, Rogan said he would still like to see Jones fight Anthony Johnson.

“I was really looking forward to that fight, Jon Jones versus Rumble. I was really looking forward to that. I wish that fight took place. But for whatever reason, Rumble couldn’t beat the best of the best.”

“He said after he retired, in the fight when he lost to [Daniel Cormier], he goes ‘I’m just good at this.’ He goes ‘I’m not really a fighter,’ he’s like ‘I’m an athlete.’ He goes ‘I’m just really good at this.’ I’m like ‘how the f*** are you not a fighter? You smash people.’ He’s a terrifying fighter, that’s just not his thing.”

And from the sound of it, it could happen. As Johnson’s manager Ali Abdelaziz, told Ariel Helwani recently.

“I talked to Rumble last week, right? And he said if Jon Jones fought DC as a heavyweight, and if Jon wins, he wants to come back and this is the only fight he thinks he’d come back to fight, Jon Jones.

“Anthony Johnson is 285-pounds [right now]. He wants to come back as a heavyweight. But I think it [will] have to be something different. He can’t just come back. He misses the sport and says he will come back to fight someone like Jon Jones.”

We’ve certainly been sold on the idea.

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