Joe Rogan Says Justin Gaethje Might Spoil The Party At UFC 249

While the coronavirus pandemic took our chance of us seeing Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson, it did present us with another gem in exchange. This weekend at the rescheduled UFC 249, ‘El Cucuy’ will challenge Justin Gaethje for the interim UFC lightweight title.

While Khabib vs Tony is the dream fight fans have been waiting five years to see, it may just live on as a dream if Gaethje defeats Ferguson this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.

Before the April 18th card was postponed, UFC commentator Joe Rogan assessed Gaethje’s chances against Ferguson.

“Justin Gaethje, he is a monster. He’s a monster. He’s a terrifying individual. He is. I mean, in a sport that’s violent, it’s an inherently violent sport, he stands out as the most violent as it is. I mean, you watch his knockout of Edson Barboza, you watch how that motherf***er attacks people. There’s a reckless abandon to his calculated wildness. It’s terrifying. He’s something special and he’s getting better all the time,” Rogan said on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Rogan’s biggest concern was Gaethje’s gas tank, taking the fight on short notice. Although as a result of the postponement of the April 18th card, ‘The Highlight’ has had an invaluable extra three weeks to prepare for Ferguson.

“The question is, how much has he been training?” Rogan said. “It really depends entirely on how much time he’s been spending in the gym. Now, he’s a man with a plan, right? He’s trying to be the UFC lightweight champion, so he’s probably not getting too out of shape. And he probably knew that in this case there is a potential that one of those guys could drop out because they’ve already made that fight four f***ing times and it fell apart.

“So this is the fifth time it’s fallen apart. Which is nuts. That’s crazy. So it might be that Justin Gaethje knew that this was a possibility that he could be called in as a replacement. He might be in full camp mode. We really don’t know. We’d have to talk to him.”

Who do you think will leave the Octagon as the UFC interim lightweight champion, Justin Gaethje or Tony Ferguson?

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