Joe Rogan’s MMA Scoring Solution

Scoring in MMA has been a hot topic for as long as I can remember. And obviously every time there is a questionable decision, the topic gets hotter. Ideas have come and gone but the overall scoring system has generally stayed the same. Two years ago, a new modified MMA rule set was introduced but as not every commission has switch, if anything, it has confused matters more.

Now Joe Rogan and his latest guest on The Joe Rogan Podcast, Din Thomas, have had their say.

I really like the idea of more than three judges. I have always said that three is no where near enough. And Like Rogan suggests, we need more experts, on scoring and MMA. Globally maybe but certainly actually cage side. Ex-fighters would be perfect.

I would like to see the actually scoring itself changed as well. Even after the modified rules encouraged more 10-8 rounds. For me 10-9 is still too broad. A round where there was nothing to choose between the two fighters and a round where one fighter won it fairly comfortable are both still 10-9 rounds.

There is also the system they use in ONE Championship, where the fights are judged overall and not per round. This does stop fighters look to tactically win individual rounds, rather than trying to finish the fight. Which some people like and some don’t.

Until something does change, it’s probably best to listen to Dana White’s advice of not letting it go to the judges decision. If only it was that simple!

You can watch the full podcast here:

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