John Kavanagh Thinks Khabib & Tony Will Be Ready If Fight Goes Ahead

One of the most heavily anticipated matches in UFC history between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, scheduled as the UFC 249 main event, seems less likely to happen each day. This fight has already been cancelled four times in the past and this fifth attempt is seriously jeopardized due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

UFC president Dana White has consistently reassured the MMA community that this matchup will happen on April 18th, as planned. An exact location is yet to be confirmed and publicly announced.

SBG Ireland’s head coach John Kavanagh is sceptical about the Khabib vs. Ferguson fight will happen next month, despite Dana’s claims. As Conor McGregor’s coach expressed on social media.

“If the April 18th fight happens. Honestly I cant see how it does but let’s be optimistic and say it does then what effect will 4-5 weeks of no real grappling/sparring have. Only focus will be conditioning. Personally I think it’ll have almost zero effect on skill.”

If Khabib vs. Ferguson goes ahead as planned, Kavanagh doesn’t think the issues with training during the current global lockdown, will have a negative impact on the fighters.

“The fighters have 2many years of consistent training for a couple of weeks to have any real effect on technique or timing. I think the only real effect is theyll come in completely injury free. No bruising, no tweaked knees, nothing. That been said I just cant see it happening.”

Given that UFC has postponed three of their scheduled events so far, John Kavanagh thinks UFC 249 will follow suit. On the other hand, Dana White keeps on pushing for the fight to go on as planned. We can only wait to see how this situation is going to play out.

Do you think Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson will go ahead as planned at UFC 249 on April 18th?

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