Jon Jones Has No Plans To Move To Heavyweight Soon

With Jon Jones being so dominant at light heavyweight, the topic of him moving up to heavyweight comes up a lot. And indeed Jones has even discussed it himself.

So I’m sure that we will see him move up to heavyweight at some point. But according to his coach Mike Winkeljohn, it won’t be anytime soon. As he told

“I say somewhere down the line. Somewhere in the future. Jon, I think will just continue to clean out the light heavyweight division for the moment. I don’t think there is a plan to move up to heavyweight at the moment. It is all about the money and the right fights. That is something Jon, his manager, and the team would discuss. I think he stays at light heavyweight for a while, keeps cleaning house, and puts the fear of God in everybody.”

Jones will defend his UFC light heavyweight crown in his next fight, against Anthony Smith at UFC 235. In what will be a quick turnaround, after beating Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232. Winkeljohn believes that Smith does pose a threat and that we should expect ‘Bones’ to be very active this year.

“Everybody wants to fight the champ so you can’t blame those guys, they are all tough as nails. Anthony Smith seems like he is next in line. Anthony is a guy who has some skills, and he is tough. I’ve seen him take some shots and comeback. He is a tough young man and I like his trainers. He has a good camp behind him and I think that would be a great fight for Jon Jones.

“That is what Jon wants to get back to. Jon came back in here and said he wants to do that, he wants to just jump on this thing and go. He was already back to training, that tells you how much Jon wants to fight.”

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