Jon Jones Hits Back At Tony Ferguson

If you had to describe Tony Ferguson in one word, the word ‘unpredictable’ may come to mind. That was certainly the case yesterday, when the 35 year old called out Jon Jones, out of nowhere.

Taking to social media, Ferguson offered to move up two weight classes, to fight the UFC light heavyweight champion. Saying that he had already done so previously at college.

In the last few moments, Jones has himself taken to social media, to respond to Ferguson’s call out. Asking Tony what’s made him angry and is he feeling suicidal. Possibly referring to his mental health issues at the start of 2019.

“Wait, when did this beef start!? I thought we were cool!! You over there feeling suicidal Tony?”

Although minutes after posting this comment, Jones deleted the tweet and apologised for using the word ‘suicidal’.

Tony’s tweet the day before did bring up the question as to whether the two wrestled in their college days. However, a few minutes ago, Jones responded to a fan asking the question if he was ‘ankle picked’ by Tony.

“Lol no, that’s why this is all really confusing to me. Last time I spoke to Tony we were texting each other about possibly training sometime. It’s probably just a publicity stunt.”

Jones also deleted this tweet minutes after posting it.

Ferguson is expected to challenge Khabib Nurmagomedov for the UFC lightweight title in the first quarter of 2020. Jones doesn’t have an opponent lined up currently. Although he recently hinted that he may move up to heavyweight to meet the winner of the trilogy fight between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier.

Tony is no stranger to cryptic tweets. What do you think this one means?

UPDATE: Jones has since posted a tweet stating that he wasn’t aware of Tony’s mental health issues.

And just to be safe, Jones has now deleted all of his apology tweets too. His last one read:

“Definitely knew nothing about my guy having any mental health issues, I do now though. I apologize for my response back to him and moving on.”

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