Jon Jones Predicts Winner of Daniel Cormier – Stipe Miocic II

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have never been the best of friends, to say the least. The current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and the UFC Heavyweight Champion have had a tumultuous relationship. While Jon Jones can claim that he has beaten Daniel Cormier in the past, DC, one would imagine, wouldn’t want to retire before getting his win back.

With DC beating Stipe Miocic last year, Cormier became the heavyweight champion, while Jon’s demons once again saw him having a rather controversial 2018. Regardless, Jon Jones is still the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, while Cormier is set to face Stipe Miocic at UFC 241.

Jon was recently a guest on Dan Hardy’s Open Mat show, where he gave his prediction for the UFC 241 main event.

“I think Stipe will put up a better fight, but I do think DC will win again”, Jon Jones told Dan Hardy on Open Mat (transcript via “DC is an extraordinary athlete. His flexibility and his speed… For the way he’s built, it doesn’t really make sense. Even his endurance, for the way he’s built, he’s a special athlete.

“I don’t think most guys will beat DC”, he added. “I think the only way to beat DC is to catch him with a knockout shot — which Stipe has the power to do. The question is, can he land it? DC is smart. He’s going to use his wrestling and wit to find away to win again.”

Furthermore, Jon uncharacteristically admitted that DC might be the only fighter to have the chance of beating him at heavyweight.

“He’s definitely not coming down to light heavyweight again”, Jones said. “He says it, but there’s no way he’s coming back to light heavyweight. To lose that kind of weight, and to come up short [against me] again would be so devastating. It would take an incredible amount of courage to attempt it. And to come up short would just be so devastating. Why would he put himself through that for the third time?

“I’m a realist, Daniel Cormier is a special athlete”, he added. “Everyone can be beat. I think my greatest chance of losing would be to a guy like Daniel Cormier, with giving him a power and strength advantage over me [at heavyweight]. It doesn’t make sense. Right now I make light heavyweight very easily. It just wouldn’t make sense to fight a guy who is technically on your level and to give him a size advantage. I’m not doing it. I’m sure my fans don’t like to hear me talk like that, but that’s just me being a realist.”

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