Jones: No Jet Fuel Was Found On The Murder Scene

Following on from our post yesterday with the news that all of Jon Jones’ drug tests came back clean from his tests on UFC 232 fight night (you can read about that here), ‘Bones’ took to Instagram to send a message to his opponent on the night, Alexander Gustafsson.

Jones is refereeing to the fact that Gustafsson, in the lead up to their light heavyweight title fight, suggested on several occasions that Jones was taking some form of PEDs. Or as he called them, ‘jet fuel’.

Because of the infamous ‘picogram’, in the lead up to UFC 232, the whole card was moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles just six days before the event.

Jones is scheduled to defend his title against Anthony Smith at UFC 235, on March 2nd. In Las Vegas. It is thought that Jones will not have an issue getting a licence to fight in Nevada, as the issue that caused the relocation of UFC 232, was due to lack of time, with it being the holidays.

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