Jorge Masvidal Goes Off On ‘Coward’ Colby Covington

It wasn’t that long ago that Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington were best friends. That could not be further from the truth now. And to complicate matters, they both still train at American Top Team (ATT).

According to Masvidal, Covington is kept away from him at the gym, at all costs. Speaking to the media at UFC 244 (as transcribed by MMA Fighting), ‘Gamebred’ accused ‘Chaos’ of running away from him.

“He sees me, security comes, coaches grab him, they put him away. They got me training in a separate room. He doesn’t say a word to me. I f*** with him all the time. I’m the type of guy if you say something right now, whenever I see you, I’m going to hold you to that. It’s just who I’ve been since I was a kid until right now.

”At any given moment, if I see my bully, the guy who’s trying to conquer me, we’re going to find out. And if we could fight every time we came across each other, we would. He knows it. That’s why he runs away from me.”

Knowing that ATT won’t allow their paths to cross at the gym, Masvidal has resorted to hanging out at Covington’s favourite places to eat, in the hope of getting to have a man to man chat.

”I go where he eats and wait for him. He doesn’t eat at these places no more, because I’m going there to eat, and this little bitch is nowhere to be seen. These are places that he constantly used to eat at. He knows that I know, so I’ve been at these places, just wanting to have a talk with him, man to man.

”I heard he’s only doing Uber Eats. Not like I’m going to assault him or nothing. That’s not me. I just want to talk to him man to man.”

When asked what he would ask Covington, Masvidal responded:

”Just ask him some questions, man to boy. Like, why after I let you sleep on my couch, you ate off my food, I helped you get on MMA Junkie. I helped you get Ariel Helwani,, all these things, why would you turn on me just for a Facebook like? Are you that much of a bitch? And I’m that much of an idiot. Truly, the mistake is on me, because I’m the f***er that let him.”

Although ATT has done everything they can to keep the two UFC welterweights apart, it hasn’t stopped Masvidal from asking ATT owner Dan Lambert, to let them settle their differences in the gym.

”My argument with Dan and the company is, we’re both men, we both know how to defend ourselves. When I see him, and he sees me, let’s just handle it, and let it be what it is, because that is my city, and I’m very polite to him. Because with the snap of fingers, I could have five cars packed to the teeth with individuals that make sure he never comes back. I don’t do that. I want to handle it man to man. He won’t give me that. I really want to talk to him and tell him, ‘What is your f***ing problem?’ He won’t do that. He’s a coward.

”Just like [Tyron] Woodley says, he hides in corners when he was at the gym, that’s what he does. But when [the media] is around and a couple security guards, man, that dude is a pitbull all of a sudden.”

Masvidal is of course in New York for his UFC 244 main event against Nate Diaz this weekend, for the Baddest Mother F***er title. While Covington is set to challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title next month at UFC 245.

Whatever happens at UFC 244 and UFC 245, Masvidal knows their paths will cross at some point. And when they do, the 34 year old is promising to hurt him worse than he hurt Ben Askren.

“Our time will come. I’ll dictate when. A lot of people said that what I did to Ben was a little uncalled for. Nah, it wasn’t. What I’m going to do to Colby is going to be uncalled for. I can put my life on that, man.”

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