Josh Barnett Hopes Bellator MMA Does One-Night Heavyweight Legends Tournament

Josh Barnett is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time. The former heavyweight champion was earlier released from the UFC, and has since signed with Bellator MMA. While “The Warmaster” hasn’t fought in nearly three years, he is expected to make his return by the end of the year.

Barnett was present during last weekend’s Bellator Dublin event, and fielded questions from the media. One topic Josh Barnett was extremely interested in, was a potential one-night heavyweight legends tournament in the promotion.

“Bellator has the funding (to do a tournament) for sure. I’m down for whatever”, Barnett said (transcript via “But if we’re doing a tournament it’s one night. We’re too old. If you stretch us out over a year, we might get geriatric, senile, forget where we’re supposed to be, maybe our social security kicks in so now we don’t actually want to fight anymore, we’re getting that good government money, I don’t know. But, if we’re going to do a tournament we have to do it all in one night.”

Josh also talked about the old UFC tournaments which would be wrapped up in just one night. He also mentioned that he prefers 10-minute first rounds, similar to the old PRIDE rules.

“Let’s do it like the real men used to do. Stop all this b.s. The commissions out there, trust the men who get out there. We can go three fights, three five minute rounds, we’re fine. Hell, I don’t think five minutes is enough. We need 10-minute first rounds, at least.”

Josh Barnett is expected to make his long-awaited return during the Bellator/RIZIN card at the end of the year. Barnett also mentioned that he’d want to fight “old friend” Fedor Emelianenko, but said he isn’t interested in a potential match-up with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

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