Justin Gaethje Wants To Be Compensated For Putting His Life On Line

One thing you can always be sure of in the UFC, is that when Justin Gaethje enters the Octagon, you’re going to be entertained. In all four of his UFC outings, Gaethje has walked away with a bonus award. And in his first fight in the UFC, both bonus awards for the Performance and Fight of the Night.

With his fighting style, the fans will always love to watch him fight. That style though, combined with the extra two rounds fought when fighting in a UFC main event, comes at a price. And Gaethje is fully aware of that price. And as such, feels that the UFC should compensate him for putting his life and health on the line. As he told Ariel on The Ariel Helwani Show, as transcribed by MMA Mania.

“At the end of the day I may sound like a little bitch when all that comes out. I mean, I am getting, this is four out of five fights that I am main event. There is a reason for that. I would like to be compensated more fairly for those last two rounds.

“That is my only argument when it comes to fighting a main event. But only .1 percent of people are going to complain about something like that, which is myself because I keep getting these main events. I am not asking for them. I love being there, I love being the last fight of the night, being the highlight of the night and I love being the main billing on a fight card in the UFC. I love my picture being on the poster, all of those things are what I love.

“I may sound like spoiled brat when I say an extra $25,000 is not enough, but it is not enough. Who knows what I will get paid, I don’t even want to say, but let’s say I get paid 100/100 for the first three rounds. Then I am getting paid $25,000 for the most crucial, most devastating to my health rounds that there are. And that’s rounds four and five.”

Gaethje is next in action in the UFC Philadelphia main event, against Edson Barboza Jr. on March 30th.

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