Kamaru Usman To Colby Covington: Beg Me For Title Fight

Whether you like Colby Covington or not, there’s no denying that it’s impossible to talk about the UFC welterweight division, without mentioning his name. If you ask any 170lbs fighter about their plans, you can bet Covington’s name is going to come up.

At UFC 236, the champion Kamaru Usman spoke to the media, where obviously the topic of Colby came up. And the champion made it clear that Covington isn’t the only guy in the division that deserves a shot at his title.

“Look at where the division is now. You’ve got freaking Anthony Pettis coming in and knocking out ‘Wonderboy,’ two-time title challenger. You’ve got Masvidal coming in and knocking out Darren Till, former title challenger. There’s some things that are going on there. So based on how Ben Askren does in his next performance, that could be a possible option. Don’t forget Santiago Ponzinibbio is still out there. So, there’s options out there.”

Despite saying after his win over Tyron Woodley at UFC 235, that he wanted nothing more, than to beat up Covington, and the fact that UFC President Dana White has said that ‘Chaos’ is definitely next, Usman said he wants Covington to beg him, for the fight.

“Now you have to beg me for that fight. We all know Colby has avoided this fight for a long, long time. And you know what? Now it’s time for you to do the appropriate work to make sure that you deserve this. Because that’s what he does, that’s what he thrives on, he thinks he deserving everything. He always puts out out there ‘I deserve this, this is what you owe me.’ No. It’s not about that. Now, you’re not in the driver’s seat to make that decision. It’s for the promotion and for my team, that are in that position to make that decision.”

You certainly can’t argue with Usman that the welterweight division is stacked right now. There are so many fighters knocking on the door for a shot at the title. You would have to say though, that Covington should be next in line. The UFC has already lost out on one grudge title fight in Covington vs Woodley, by giving Usman the nod to fight Woodley first.

But not only is it a grudge mate, which most fans love, not only do most fans want to see Usman give Covington a beat down, but Covington is deserving of the next shot. Besides all the talk outside the Octagon, he’s earned the shot through his performances inside the cage.

Do you think Covington should be next for Usman?

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